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Written traces article – Salon solutions EC de Mulhouse

The professional life of Jean Drago is such a novel that it would take much more than these few lines to tell it. Let’s forget about his past as a rock drummer, salesman or host, to focus only on the inventor in his very recent version. Also, let’s go back just to last year when this native Italian developed two new systems to eradicate scale and sludge.

The first is intended for the open circuit while the second acts on closed circuits, for example heating. To put it simply, Drag’Eau combines the “Vortex” effect, which causes a vortex of the water in the form of a spiral, with the “Venturi” effect which further accelerates the molecules.

There are quite a few other manufacturing secrets such as the passage on ceramics fired differently or the existence of a specific gel, accelerator of the waves generated by the ceramics. Let us refer all the skeptics who think of a mystical deception, to the results of the company: 1.55 million € of turnover in 2018, 1.8 million last year, with as distributors companies as well known as Sanisitt-Aubade.

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